Thursday, 11 November 2010

Planning Shoot 2

Now that we have all of the parts needed for Shiggy's verse within the song, we need to film the rest of the video. We sat down as a group today and planned everything we needed for the next shoot and also set a date as to when this was happening ensuring everyone was able to make it and we were all 100% committed to getting it finished.

The date set is the 24/11/10 as this was a suitable day and we had to give ourselves a week to get everything ready and plan our exact loaction. We need to write a letter to the drama department in order to ask permission to use the theatre or one of the drama rooms as this is the only place we had. We wanted to book a studio however, after looking around we were denied more than 2 hrs access therefore it wasnt enough.

We need to do an email, crew list, letter to drama and get all of the make-up/costumes sorted asap.

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