Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Magazine Poster: Conventions

From the research I conducted, I identified the main conventions of a magazine poster as they all use common features with small differences. These conventions are:

  • bold image- this includes using a bold image of the artist/artists to make them instantly recognisable to the target audience.

  • large text- they also use large fonts in order to make the aldbum look attractive but again eye catching as this is a marketing technique.

  • minimal writing- too much writing draws attention away from the main image, therefore it is better to use less writing and focus more on the image.

  • stand out box- they also use a stand out box to draw out something which is a bonus feature of the disk again to attract customers into buying it.

  • small logos- the logos used to show where the cd can be bought from are small in order to ensure they arent the focal point.

  • strong colours- the colours used on the cd itself are portrayed into the poster to set a houstyle. the bolder the colour the better to draw attention to it and to ensure it stands out.

  • silhouettes- there are also bits tht have been sihouetted in Rihanna's album to add texture to the image and again make it the point of focus.
now that I have identfied key features within an album poster, I can start drawng up ideas for how I will create my own.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Magazine Poster: Research

This album poster is quite plain as it only uses soft colours such as baby blue and beige. It has been produced to look like a notepad drawing, as the border on the side resembles this. This is a nice effect, however it is not very attractive as the colours arent eye grabbing. The text on the poster is quite large and minimal amount of writing has been included to ensure people looking at the advert are only focusing on the name of the artist and title of the album. The large image of Neyo is also eye grabbing as it attracts all of his fans and people are instantly aware of which artist this is, which again adds to the eye catching features of it. Furthermore, there is a small bubble with a song feature on the album, this is used as a marketing technigque as it is making the audience think they are getting a bonus inside the CD, therefore used as an attracting audiences mechanism. The way in which this has informed the production of my own poster, is that I am aware I will need to include a bonus like feature on the cover as it is an advertising tool to serve the purpose of the poster.

This poster is very different to the previous one as it is much more bold and stands out at it uses a large image of Rihanna striking a very dramatic pose. This is unconventional of her genre, as it is RNB yet she has used many gothic connotations varying from the excessive use of black colour all around the poster but also her make up is very heavy and gothic. I think this was created to ensue people were aware of the album and to attract the audience immediately as the bold colour draws attention to this making it stand out. The graphics use don the bottom, showing the logos of where the CD can be bought or downloaded have been made much smaller as they are not the focal point. Overall, this has informed my own poster design, as it has made me more aware that bolder colours are better and black almost silhouette images draw attention to the poster.

The poster shown below, is from a pop genre style music and Gwen Stefani's album poster.  This is very different to the two previous ones shown mainly due to the colours it uses. The colours are extremely bright mainly consisting of yellow and red almost creating a carousel theme to the album. This carousel theme is also shown in one of her videos, therefore showing the link here. Also. there is a large image of Gwen posing in a very dramatic way, again a common feature to ensure the audience is immediately aware of the artist. Agsin the logo of the stores its available at have been placed at the bottom as they are not the focal point.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Draft Three- Digipack Front Cover

This is my third and final draft version of the front cover in my digipack:

third draft of front cover
As can be seen, I have taken away the blocks of colour and just put one large block behind all three picture because I wanted the colour to stand out evenmore, However I do not think this makes a large change, therefore this final draft has led me to putting the shocking pink colour behind the whole of the cover for maximum emphasis.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Draft Two - Digipack Front Cover

This is my second draft of the front cover of the album: 

Second draft

As can be seen from the draft of the fron cover above, I have incoporated colour into the background of the images and taken away the thick frames they had on the first try out. I think this looks a lot more appealing and the colour really represents the group as they are bubbly and very "in your face" therefore the shocking pink colour represents them well I think.

I still think however, that it may benefit from a little more colour so it is even more bright and attracts the audience straight away, however it is an improvement from the first draft.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Draft One - Digipack Front Page

Now that my images are ready to be put into the digipack, I have experimented the different styles I would want for the front cover. This is my first draft of the front page:
First draft of front cover

This is the first design I created after manipulating the images and selecting the main colours I would use. As can be seen from above, I have also edited a pink nail varnish bottle to create an effect as if it is tilting over the frame and tipping onto the item which I think works quite well.

However, due to the lack of background colour I do think it looks a little dull and not as eye catching as I want it to be therefore I am going to try and change the background so it looks a little more fitting to the genre.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Font Research

these are all of the different fonts I researched before choosing the final one I thought fitted best within the designs I laid out for my poster and digipack. I finally decided that I would chose the one entitled "Birth of a Hero" as it was the one I liked best and I think it will help my ancillary tasks to stand out.

Judas Priest

Birth Of A Hero

Source: http://www.1001freefonts.com/

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Silhouetting Tutorial

Now that I have selected the images I need, I need to learn how I will silhouette my images to get the shapes I want. I researched tutorials on youtube and this was the one I found most helpful, alongside the help of my teacher.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Selected Photos

Now that I have taken all of my photos, as there was many to choose from below are the ones i will use for my digipack and poster. I ensured that we all made bold poses, as I will need these to be shown wihtin the pictures once I have silhouetted them in order for them to be effective. I learnt this when looking through the conventions of silhouettes (moodboard) as the majority of images which were the most successful had big bold positions so they were made to stand out therefore I want the same effect on my images.

Sam Left

Me left

Me down

Shiggy right
shiggy left

Thursday, 9 December 2010


Today I set up a photoshoot for my group, as I need to collect a wide range of shots in order to establish the better ones ready for manipulation on photoshop. 

The camera used here was a Nikon D3000, as this has a wide lens and allows me to experiment with different length shots, which I need to ensure my images are suitable for the proposed idea. 

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Digipack MoodBoard

Today i decided to create a moodboard of the ideas i have thought of, using photoshop as I need to get used to moving images around when creating my final product. I based my ideas on silhouettes as I liked this when seeing it on previous digipacks i researched. I also like frames and positioning them at different angles in order for it to look unique therefore this moodboard has given me a lot of ideas about where to go next with my design.


Saturday, 4 December 2010

Research: CD Covers (Genre Specific)

I have also decided to conduct research into existing front covers of my own music genre which is RNB. As can be seen below, I have selected album covers from RNB artists.


close up of artist

artist image and large title

Chris Brown:
collage of artist with large album name

aspects of silhouette on the artist and close up of the face

Research: CD Covers (All Genres)

I have collected some CD front covers in order to give me ideas of what things I can include within my own front cover. These are of different genres, as I can gather ideas and intertwine them together to shape them into my own music genre.

Avril Lavinge

black and white wash


black and white wash

Maroon 5:

grey- minimalistic image

Kings of Leon:

sunset, natural front image

Chase and Status:

very bright pink and black font colour

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Researching Previous Digipacks

Before I can begin to create my own digipack I will conduct some research into previous digipacks and analysing their main features in order to help me identify what I need to include within my own product.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Starting Ancillary Tasks

Now that we have finished our editing, we will be starting to plan up ancillary tasks and individually decide what we will do from the three tasks set in the specification. I have decided to create a:

  • digi-pack
  • magazine poster 
I have chosen these as I want the task of being a little creative and designing something which will push my skills further than just the video production. 

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Showcasing Videos

Tonight we held an creative arts evening at school and all of our videos were shown!! We were nervous about the reaction, but the crowd really liked them and cheered us on therefore it was a success and we were extremely happy with the outcome! :)

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Editing Continued

These are some pictures of us continuing to edit our video, we ensured that the whole group had a go in order to get it finished for the deadline date.

Me posing whilst taking a mini break from editing

Sam busy editing some of the chorus
Shiggy editing her part

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Start of Editing

Today we started to edit some of the footage we took yesterday, however there is a lot of work to be done so it will be pretty intense getting it all finished on time. !

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Backstage Pics :)

Here is an online photo album I have created of all of the backstage pictures we took at the shoot today and as can be seen we all did our fair share of setting up and filming. Enjoy :)

Source: http://megi23.myphotoalbum.com/links-slideshow.php?set_albumName=album01&index=&id=&FromShare=Links&type=push

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Wednesday Shoot Details- 24/11/10

Today we sat down as a group and composed an email to all the group members of all the detials and equiment needed for Wednesday's shoot as it is drawing closer. We decided to do this today instead of the night before as we took into account people need time to collect all of their costumes/ cameras need to be checked etc.. therefore to give us time to properly get everything together we decided to plan today.

Email of Wednesday Shoot Details:

Monday, 15 November 2010

Location = Check!

Well today we got good news from the drama department that we were able to use the drama room and all equipment for our Wednesday shoot. We are all happy about this as no location meant no shoot therefore we can now begin the real planning and send out crew lists/ emails to all members of the group.

Response From Mr. Collins:

"I have cleared with all members of staff that you are able to use Drama Room 2 on the 24th to film your video, any problems come and find me..."

(taken out of an origional email)

Friday, 12 November 2010

Letter To Drama Department

This is the letter we wrote to Mr. Collins (Head of Drama) asking for permission to use the theatre/drama rooms and equipment for our shoot on the 24/11/10.

Hope He Replies with a yes! :)

Dear Mr Collins,
We are currently studying A2 Media and as part of our media project we are creating a music video. Therefore we are writing to you to ask for permission to let us use the drama room on:

Wednesday 23rd Novemeber (9.00am - 3.00pm)

We hope you will be able to help us with this enquiry and reply with an answer as soon as possible so we can either arrange alternative shoot days or venues. We greatly appreciate your support with this and many thanks for taking the time to read this letter.

Kind Regards,

Group 1, Media

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Planning Shoot 2

Now that we have all of the parts needed for Shiggy's verse within the song, we need to film the rest of the video. We sat down as a group today and planned everything we needed for the next shoot and also set a date as to when this was happening ensuring everyone was able to make it and we were all 100% committed to getting it finished.

The date set is the 24/11/10 as this was a suitable day and we had to give ourselves a week to get everything ready and plan our exact loaction. We need to write a letter to the drama department in order to ask permission to use the theatre or one of the drama rooms as this is the only place we had. We wanted to book a studio however, after looking around we were denied more than 2 hrs access therefore it wasnt enough.

We need to do an email, crew list, letter to drama and get all of the make-up/costumes sorted asap.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Finishing The Animatic

Today we split the group into 2 as we had a lot to get done before the next shoot can be thought about, so we decided me and Sohail would finish the animatic whilst Shiggy and Sam looked through the footage we took on Sunday and began to edit/eliminate clips that were of poor quality.

We managed to finish the animatic today, not without a struggle however but it has certainly helped us gain skills on how to use Premier which will be useful at the editing stages of our video. Below is our finished animatic:

Animatic- Rihanna "Only Girl"

Monday, 8 November 2010

Sunday Shoot!

Yesterday was the day of our shoot, so we packed all of our equipment on Friday ready for the shoot at Sam's house. We first did a run through of Shiggy's parts and filmed this on a hand held camera in order to make her more comfortable performing in front of it and so we had a better idea of how we would film the scene.

It was tricky as we had a little room to work in (Sam's Bedroom) but we did it and after several long hours of shooting this part we finally got the cuts we need ready for editing. Overall, it was a very successful day and our camera skills are continuoslly improving as we were sure to let everyone have a go at filming, even Shiggy for Sohails thief part!

These are some pictures we took whilst on set:


These are the two videos created on the hand held camera when we did the run through of Shiggy's part:

Clip #1

Clip #2

Group Picture :)) -after Sunday shoot

After a successful day of Shooting :)

Friday, 5 November 2010

Schedule Session - Sunday Shoot

Today we all sat together as a group (seen in picture) and agreed that our filming needs to be hurried up a little as we want to leave ourselves enough time to edit and complete the ancillary tasks to a high standard therefore we have made the first shoot arrangements.

The page below is the copy of the email we composed and sent to all of the members of the group including all of the schedule for Sunday 7th Novemeber.

Doc 1

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Final Coreography Rehearsal

So we managed to get a two hour session in to ensure we have finished all of the coreography needed for the chorus part of the video as last timte we left things a little unfinished. the video below shows us doing a run through of the final dance routine for the chorus. We hope you like it :)

Pre-Shoot Coreography Run through:

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Corerography Rehearsal

Today we all got together to try and do some of the coreography that we had learnt and picked up from our last meeting where we researched different people dancing to our chosen song. It was quite challenging for us because none of us are dancers therefore physically it was challenging. However, we did have fun doing this and the dance we came up with goes well with the chorus as its quite high energy.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Starting Animatic

Today, we worked on the producing the animatic for our video. It was a little tricky at first as we have 12 sets of extremely fast moving images from 0-20secs where we have to get the music beat just right in order for it to flow the way we wanted it to.

However, all of these fast steps were hard to put into place and it ended up taking us the whole 3hr session to complete solely the first part as we were new to Premier. We left it at this, but have planned to definately get it finished by next week, so watch this space :)

quick pic of me whilst doing the animatic :)

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Researching Coreography for the Video

We now have a song but we need to come up with a dance routine as part of the chorus and to help us we looked at some ready-made dance routines to our specific song.

Video #1

The dancing in this video is extremely fast moving and getting ideas from it to use within our video was hard as it is very fast. Also, we have taken into account that the people dancing are proffessional dancers therefore the quality of our dancing is not up to the same standards as we think it would be better if we found something slower to match our dancing abilities.

Video #2

This video is still fast moving, however it has many different dancers and they all have their own styles of dancing the same routine whjich was helpful for us as some did it slower than others and we could take some ideas. Overall this video was better as people improvised on parts and we were able to spot newer dance moves that we could alter slightly to suit our abilities and use for our video.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Presentation: Pitch

We have been working on a presentation to show the rest of the class pitching our ideas so we could get feedback on what they thought before we actually start filming as this is the first time we have all come together to share ideas. We all worked on producting the slideshow, each conducting different parts of research for it. However, on the day of the pitch I was unable to make it due to medical reasons therefore Sam and Shiggy were the two incharge of presenting.

This is the final presentation:

This was also recorded for later analysis in the evaluation, as can be seen below:

A2 Music video Pitch Group 1 from Sidney Stringer on Vimeo.

Well done on presenting Shiggy and Sam, very clear and to the point!

Costume Gallery

We also did a dress rehearsal at my house today deciding what outfits we want to wear. We based some of these looks on what we found in our moodboard trhat we created previously as we wanted to keep the dark/gothic theme within the clothing subtle as Rihanna the artist we are doing uses this look often. Below are images of the potential costumes in our video.





Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Make-Up Ideas

These are some of the make-up idea's we came up with when we did a make-up rehearsal at my house. We decided to do it on eachother so we could see what suited who. 


Make-Up Ideas

These are some of the make-up idea's we came up with when we did a make-up rehearsal at my house. We decided to do it on eachother so we could see what suited who.


Styling Ideas

Now that we have decided on the content of the video itself, it is time for us to start considering how the asthetics of the video will look. This will include how we build up the characters within, therefore styling, makeup and clothing will need to be considered. I have conducted some research into artists of the same genre of music, their styling, makeup etc. This is so we can gather some ideas for how we create different looks within the video.


Tied up, red hair

short black bob

very short crop


Smokey eyes, gothic look

girly, full on makeup




Heavy makeup

Smouldery eyes

curly and long



short, party dress

glamorous gown

Party, vibrant makeup

sleek and straight

Little Black Dress