Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Magazine Poster: Conventions

From the research I conducted, I identified the main conventions of a magazine poster as they all use common features with small differences. These conventions are:

  • bold image- this includes using a bold image of the artist/artists to make them instantly recognisable to the target audience.

  • large text- they also use large fonts in order to make the aldbum look attractive but again eye catching as this is a marketing technique.

  • minimal writing- too much writing draws attention away from the main image, therefore it is better to use less writing and focus more on the image.

  • stand out box- they also use a stand out box to draw out something which is a bonus feature of the disk again to attract customers into buying it.

  • small logos- the logos used to show where the cd can be bought from are small in order to ensure they arent the focal point.

  • strong colours- the colours used on the cd itself are portrayed into the poster to set a houstyle. the bolder the colour the better to draw attention to it and to ensure it stands out.

  • silhouettes- there are also bits tht have been sihouetted in Rihanna's album to add texture to the image and again make it the point of focus.
now that I have identfied key features within an album poster, I can start drawng up ideas for how I will create my own.

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