Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Magazine Poster: Research

This album poster is quite plain as it only uses soft colours such as baby blue and beige. It has been produced to look like a notepad drawing, as the border on the side resembles this. This is a nice effect, however it is not very attractive as the colours arent eye grabbing. The text on the poster is quite large and minimal amount of writing has been included to ensure people looking at the advert are only focusing on the name of the artist and title of the album. The large image of Neyo is also eye grabbing as it attracts all of his fans and people are instantly aware of which artist this is, which again adds to the eye catching features of it. Furthermore, there is a small bubble with a song feature on the album, this is used as a marketing technigque as it is making the audience think they are getting a bonus inside the CD, therefore used as an attracting audiences mechanism. The way in which this has informed the production of my own poster, is that I am aware I will need to include a bonus like feature on the cover as it is an advertising tool to serve the purpose of the poster.

This poster is very different to the previous one as it is much more bold and stands out at it uses a large image of Rihanna striking a very dramatic pose. This is unconventional of her genre, as it is RNB yet she has used many gothic connotations varying from the excessive use of black colour all around the poster but also her make up is very heavy and gothic. I think this was created to ensue people were aware of the album and to attract the audience immediately as the bold colour draws attention to this making it stand out. The graphics use don the bottom, showing the logos of where the CD can be bought or downloaded have been made much smaller as they are not the focal point. Overall, this has informed my own poster design, as it has made me more aware that bolder colours are better and black almost silhouette images draw attention to the poster.

The poster shown below, is from a pop genre style music and Gwen Stefani's album poster.  This is very different to the two previous ones shown mainly due to the colours it uses. The colours are extremely bright mainly consisting of yellow and red almost creating a carousel theme to the album. This carousel theme is also shown in one of her videos, therefore showing the link here. Also. there is a large image of Gwen posing in a very dramatic way, again a common feature to ensure the audience is immediately aware of the artist. Agsin the logo of the stores its available at have been placed at the bottom as they are not the focal point.

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