Thursday, 28 October 2010

Researching Coreography for the Video

We now have a song but we need to come up with a dance routine as part of the chorus and to help us we looked at some ready-made dance routines to our specific song.

Video #1

The dancing in this video is extremely fast moving and getting ideas from it to use within our video was hard as it is very fast. Also, we have taken into account that the people dancing are proffessional dancers therefore the quality of our dancing is not up to the same standards as we think it would be better if we found something slower to match our dancing abilities.

Video #2

This video is still fast moving, however it has many different dancers and they all have their own styles of dancing the same routine whjich was helpful for us as some did it slower than others and we could take some ideas. Overall this video was better as people improvised on parts and we were able to spot newer dance moves that we could alter slightly to suit our abilities and use for our video.

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