Thursday, 7 October 2010

Bruno Mars- Just The Way You Are (Video Analysis #2)

This video is quite different to the Florence and the machine video i previously analysed as it is a different genre of music therefore uses different conventions. The location for this video is in an apartment as this is made very obvious from the start of the setting. This is an indication of the lifestyle lived by the artist as the apartment is quite big and sophisticated therefore trying to portray the artist as being very powerful financially as they can afford a large apartment in what looks like New York city from the outside.

The characters in this involve only the artist and the girl he is singing about, this has been done purposely to ensure that the audience focus solely on their relationship. It also goes well with the song as it is about two people in a relationship and he is singing about how he loves everything about her and that she is the centre of his world. This was therefore reflected by the video as they are the focus.

The video also uses special effects in a a large amount of clips. This is mainly the drawing/ animation effect they use throughout when drawing parts of the video in this way instead of filming it all the way through. This is a good effect as it makes the video more interesting and it is unique as no other RNB video has currently done something similar making it unique and challenging the typical conventions of music videos where it is all on set and no animation effects are used.

the video also challenges a lot of  RNB videos, as many are set in clubs with one main male singer and a lot of girls surrounding them seductively. In this however, this is not the case as it is just the male singer and the girl he is thinking about.

Overall, I like this video mainly because it is unique by using the animations and it isnt the normal club scene it usually is.

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