Monday, 18 October 2010

Rihanna - Only Girl (Narrative)

Song Narrative - Group Ideas

In class today, as we chose the song we also decided write down some ideas of what the narrative was about, in order for us to establish some more depth about where to point our video towards. The image below shows our mind map of the ideas we came up with, however we also individually wrote up our developed thoughts on what we discussed.

Rihanna - Narrative Brainstorm

Song Narrative - Own Ideas

The song narrative explores many different areas such as female characteristics but also the attatchment of a male and female when they are emotionally attatched. One of the key concepts the song is about is the female wanting attention from the male and they want him to think of her as "the only girl in the world" and "the only one that you'll ever love." This shows a very needy attitude of females and almost selfish qualities that females possess due to their need of attention and love.

The song also also explores the different types of relationships that can occur as overall love in this song is shown to be a powerful and controlling process whereas in typical love songs love is portrayed as being mesmerising and the negative such as selfish needs are not shown.

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