Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Exploring Music Genres

These are some of the genres of music I would like to maybe use inspiration from, these are below with a small explanation to why I like them. :) However they are all so different to eachother, so I will have to make sure I do more research aside from this in order to establish what I want.

Video #1
Name: Rihanna - Russian Roulette
Genre: RnB

I like this song as I think the vocals are strong and the song sounds emotional. I also like all of the music from this artist, however I do think the song would be a little slow moving if we were to create a music video from it.
Rating: 6/10

Video #2
Name: Robyn - With Every Heartbeat
Genre: Electropop, Synthpop

This song is completely different to the one above, as it is faster moving which I like as it would allow us to make a fast moving video to go with the genre. The video that is with the song at the minute however, does not appeal to me as I do not like all of the effects on the video.
Rating: 5/10

Video #3
Name: Maroon 5 - Sunday Morning
Genre: Alternative Rock

I like this song, its one of my favourites however this genre of music is quite slow moving posing the same video issues as the first video where we would not be able to make a fast-moving video out of it as it would not flow. However, it has given me ideas into what songs could work, such as dance-type songs giving me guidance of where to base my research on next.
Rating: 4/10

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