Friday, 8 October 2010

Kings of Leon- Use Somebody (Video Analysis #3)

This is another video which i have chosen to analyse mainly because I am a big fan of this band but also i like their videos. This video is mainly showing the band as they tour and their lives throughout their music shows which is unusual for videos as they normally show the glamourous side to the popstar lives whereas this shows the ups and downs of their tours and the crowds they perform. however this is one of the main things that makes the video interesting and keeps the audience keen on watching as they are following an almost story like account of the lives of King of Leon.

They use quite a large amount of hand held camera footage which has been filmed at various parts of the tours the band have gone through. This is evident as they have made these shots in black and white therefore hinting this is a flashback into a certain time period and the movement of the camera indicates it was hand held. This is quite effective as it makes the video interesting because we get to a side of the band they haven't exposed previously in other videos, therefore the natural flow of the video is appealing,

Overall, eventhough the video doesn't really go with the song as the song is about needing someone whereas the video just follows the lives of the band it is still a very good video and the variety of shots work well.

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