Thursday, 21 October 2010

Shot Types

Before we can start to storyboard the ideas, I have decided to see the different shot types used in music videos in ordert to get a better picture of what we should create. Below are some videos illustrating different shot types and I have identified why they work well.

This shot is a shoulder shot of the artist Nicki Minaj. It allows the audience to see her up close however still allowing movement to be shown as her video is quite fast paced.

 This shot is a high angles shot on the side and it shows the setting around the two in the shot. It is quite effective as it creates an image as if someone is almost watching the two slyly showing the relationship between the two from a different perspective.

This is a long shot of Chris Brown from a low angle portraying him as being authoritative and the main person. The pose he is in also indicates this, showing he has power in the video and ensuring the audience is made very aware it is his music they are listening.

This is a close up of Rihanna and it allows the audience to see her facial expressions.  

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